Have you ever wondered how a jewellery collection gets started and how it’s created?

The cocktail earrings

My first collection, floral escape, all started with cocktail earrings. Having a love affair with earrings it was the first piece I wanted to create and I'd love to share some of my first drawings with you! You can see below, my love for the tear drop style and nature influenced the first sketches. As I kept drawing my sketches started resembling Indian filigree patterns. It was then I decided I wanted my earrings to represent the many facets of my life from my Indian heritage to the nature that surrounds me.

I took inspiration from Indian floral mosaics for their floral design’s, inlaid stones, marble patterns and colours. As I kept drawing the curves in the earrings began to resemble the beautiful archways you find in Indian palaces.

Making a collection

It's important to have statement pieces in a collection and I couldn't wait to work on a cocktail ring, my other favourite piece of jewellery. It had to be a unique shape and to be honest I was finding it quite difficult to design a ring that was connected to the earrings. I finally noticed the centerpiece design in the earrings would make a perfect ring! After that developing a statement bracelet was almost easy.

A collection definitely needs smaller everyday pieces, so I decided on drop earrings, studs and a midi ring. My final drawings are below.

The stone selection

Having a love for semi precious stones I wanted to use them throughout the collection. I realised with my designs, it was not an easy task, as cutting most natural stones so thinly is not possible. In the end I had to tweak the design to allow for thicker cut stones. The semi precious stones in this collection are chosen for their marble effect and pattern’s. The stone shapes are unique and have been hand cut to represent floral shapes and mosaics of India. Below you can see some of the stones I chose; Amazonite, Opal and Magnesite.


In a collection or as a brand it’s necessary to decide what kind of jewellery you want to create to give you a clear direction. I decided my style is contemporary and timeless. I want to be known for jewellery that is versatile, pieces you can wear with many different outfits, from day into evening, that you can mix and match with other pieces. Ultimately your jewellery should be a unique expression of your natural beauty.

Developing the collection

After launch I got feedback from some customers who found the cocktail earrings too big but loved the design. So I created a smaller version. I also had the idea to create hoops and a wrap bracelet. Plus with the success of my rings I decided to create two more, a pointer ring (shown below) and double banded midi ring. I changed the design for these so the stones are shaped more rounded but kept the floral design. It allowed me to have fun with a few more natural stones and I was able to add malachite and grey banded agate to the collection.

Floral escape now has 10 pieces in the collection with various semi precious stones. I invite you to view them here. I’m currently working on the next collection and if you sign up to our VIP group you’ll be the first to know about it!