Have you ever wondered how a jewellery collection gets started and how it’s created?

The cocktail earrings

My first collection, Floral Escape, all started with the cocktail earrings. Having a love-affair for big statement earrings it was inevitable! Here I'm going to share with you how the collection got started and evolved into my signature collection that my customers love. 

Pink Opal Cocktail Earrings, Cuff Bracelet, Midi Ring

Many rough sketches is where it all begins! Below are some of the sketches that brought me closer to the final design. My love for the tear drop style and nature influenced the first sketches. As I kept drawing my sketches started resembling Indian filigree patterns. It was then I decided I wanted my earrings to represent my Indian heritage as well as nature.

I was strongly influenced by the jewellery my Mum would share with me growing up and was inspired by the floral mosaics in India. Their shapes, the inlaid stones, marble patterns and colours. As I kept drawing the curves in the earrings began to resemble the beautiful archways you find in Indian palaces.

Archways Floral Mosaics India

Making a collection

It's important to have statement pieces in a collection so next I developed the cocktail ring, my other favourite piece of jewellery and essential for every wardrobe! It had to be a unique shape and to be honest I was finding it quite difficult to design a ring that was connected to the earrings. But then I saw the centerpiece shape in the earrings would make a perfect ring! After that developing a statement bracelet was almost easy.

A collection definitely needs smaller everyday pieces, so I decided on drop earrings, studs and a midi ring. My final drawings are below. The floral escape stud earrings and wrap midi rings have been a big hit as the design compliments many looks. The wrap style of the midi ring allows you to wear them in many different ways. You can read more about them here

The stone selection

Having a love for semi precious stones I wanted to use them throughout the collection. The semi precious stones in this collection are chosen for their marble effect and pattern’s. Each one unique, hand cut and inlaid to represent floral shapes and mosaics of India. During production we discovered it was not possible to cut the stones so thinly as already the shape of the design is fine. I had to tweak the design to allow for thicker cut stones. Below you can see some of the stones I chose; Pink Opal, Amazonite and Magnesite.

Pink Opal Amazonite Magnesite Semi precious natural gemstones


In a collection or as a brand it’s necessary to decide what kind of jewellery you want to create. My style is contemporary and timeless. I want women to have verstaile pieces they can wear with many different outfits, from day into evening, that can be mixed and matched with other pieces. Ultimately your jewellery should be a unique expression of your natural beauty.

Banded Agate Stud Earrings Floral Escape

Developing the collection

Since launching I have added more unique semi precious stones, some one-off designs and will continue to add to and develop this beautiful collection. Would love to hear your thoughts on your favourite pieces and what you would like to see more off!  


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