Care Guide

Our jewellery is made using the highest standard of quality and it's important to treat them with care. Please follow these simple steps to help keep your jewellery looking beautiful.

  • Store your jewellery in a jewellery box and keep away from direct sunlight or heat.
  • Regularly check and clean your jewellery with a jewellery polishing cloth or a soft lint free cloth, (avoid harsh cleaning products, especially on the stones).
  • Avoid going in the shower, pool or on the beach with your jewellery.
  • Its best to put your jewellery on after you apply your makeup, hair products, creams and perfume to avoid getting oils and chemicals onto your jewellery.
  • With earrings we recommend to check the butterfly backing every now and again to make sure it is tight. If it’s not simply give it a little pinch to tighten. 
  • When travelling with your jewellery please make sure you keep it in a hard or padded case.

All our pieces use precious metals (sterling silver with gold plating or vermeil gold) that can sometimes tarnish. Due to a reaction to moisture, air or chemicals. You can help to prevent tarnishing by not wearing your jewellery in the pool or beach, storing it in a clean dry place (jewellery box or ziplock bag), put on your jewellery after you apply creams, perfume and hairspray and avoid wearing your jewellery to bed, while showering and doing intense exercise.

To clean tarnished jewellery simply use a polishing jewellery cloth or you can mix warm water with a mild dish soap and soak your jewellery in there for 30 minutes. Then place your jewellery in a bowl of pure water to rinse. Finally rub it with a soft lint free cloth to clean.