I think it was around 2014 that Midi rings became a new trend. Still, not everyone knows about them so let me explain. These are the tiny rings that you wear on the middle of your finger, hence the name midi ring. They are also called layered rings (as you can wear many at once) or knuckle rings (as you wear them on the top of your lower knuckle).

After 6 years of being around I’m pretty sure midi rings are here to stay! Probably because you can wear and style them in so many different ways. There are so many lovely designs out there for pretty much all tastes. From stone covered one’s to plain simple bands and one’s with pretty shapes. I’ve always loved a midi and my first ever design is a wrap style with natural stones. A few of them include; Pink Opal, Amazonite, Snowflake Obsidian and Magnesite. I’ve since then come up with a double banded midi in Blue Magnesite, Grey Banded Agate Silver and Grey Banded Agate Rose Gold.

There are two looks you can achieve when styling your midi rings. The minimal and delicate look where you only wear one or two rings or very fine bands. And the more alternative layered look where you layer or/and mix with other statement pieces. It doesn’t have to be for just one type of person; with all the options out there you can style them as you please. Why not give it a try if you haven’t already?

It is actually quite comfortable once you get used to it. And despite what you may think, they don’t fall off! Just make sure you are careful when washing your hands as they can slip off with soap. I usually take mine off, holding it between my lips so I don’t loose it. A few of my customers have even given me the idea to stack two of the wrap midi rings on top of each other. I love this idea!

I’ve also put some examples here of how I like to wear them. Of course you can mix it up with your own statement and midi rings. One option is to layer two rings on the same finger. You can do this with two midi's or mix it up with a statement ring. Another option is to layer your midi rings across different fingers, as you can can see in the first image below. And lastly you can wear your midi ring along side a statement ring.

There are some other articles out there to give you some tips, two in particular I like is How to Rock the Midi and How to Style Your Rings.

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