Healing Gemstones


We love to showcase crystals aka gemstones, in particular semi precious stones, in our designs! They are natural, unique, and beautiful but also have some powerful healing properties. It is possible to feel and harness the power of these gemstones as raw or polished stones, placed around the house, held against certain parts of your body, or worn as jewellery.

Enjoying Nature

We’d like to highlight 4 gemstones that can help you release toxins, negative energy, and restore balance. Perfect for seasonal changes, particularly during Spring. Below are just some of the gemstones that help you cleanse and find balance. Each of these semi-precious gemstones (crystals) also have many more healing properties that we’ve not listed here.


Banded Agate Jewellery Pieces

Banded Agate - for grounding & centering

Banded Agate promotes physical grounding bringing you back to mother earth. It gives you stability and emotional balance, so if you are feeling overwhelmed or your thoughts are all over the place, this is the gemstone for you. One of the most powerful semi precious stones for grounding and centering, Banded Agate can protect you from negative energy that may surround you as well as your own thoughts. It also aids with digestion. And is most effective when worn for long periods of time, which won’t be hard when wearing our jewellery. You will love the unqiue layers of this gemstone that can come in different colours, including black, grey and even red. Discover our jewellery pieces here.

Black Obsidian Semi Precious Gemstone

Obsidian – for releasing imbalances and negative energies

Obsidian is one of the few naturally jet black semi precious stones. A lot of black stones in jewellery are dyed to achieve this jet black look. A very protective gemstone, it will draw out negative energies and relieve you of tension and stress. So a great gemstone for balance and stimulating inner growth. If you are looking for clarity and truth Obsidian will help minimise confusion so you can see everything more clearly. Connected to the root chakra this gemstone is often used to help with grounding, protection, and healing. What’s not to love! We have a beautiful Obsidian jewellery collection too!

Malachite Semi Precious Gemstone Earrings Silver

Malachite – for cleansing negative energies 

Malachite has natural shades of green running throughout and represents growth, strength, and renewal. Interestingly this gemstone dates back to the Egyptian Goddess of Life and the Greek Goddess of Spring! We love this semi precious stone as it absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and from the body, leaving you feeling positive and renewed. Malachite encourages change, so is a good stone for transformation as it allows you to break unwanted habits and patterns. Connected to the Heart Chakra Malachite will help you regulate your interaction with the world, giving you the balance you need so your true self can shine! Bring out your inner goddess with our Malachite jewellery pieces.

Chrysoprase Semi Precious Gemstone

Chrysoprase - for happiness & healing

One of the most valuable of the chalcedony gemstones, Chrysoprase is a strong detoxifying semi precious stone. It eliminates waste from the body by stimulating the liver and aids in digestion. It balances your Yin Yang (dark/light, female/male) energies which will result in better productivity and overall health. You will be able to see the world and others with less judgement as Chrysoprase turns your attention to positive events. Not only does this gemstone promote happiness Chrysoprase also absorbs negative energies! This magical stone is a beautiful apple green that looks stunning worn as jewellery.  Check out our collection here!

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