Semi Precious stones are a big part of Anthea Cooper so I’d like to share more about them, why you should love them and the meanings behind the stones I use.

Firstly, a bit about gemstones. They are mostly made up of minerals that form into rocks; these rocks are then cut and polished for use in jewellery. As far back as the 1800’s they were broken down into two categories, precious and semi precious based on their rarity and value. I’m not too sure if that is the case today as some semi precious stones can be expensive for their rarity. The point here is, it doesn’t matter so much the category of stone, but how it makes you feel! 

With semi precious stones there are so many varieties, it's crazy! I love them as they are precious in their own way for their many colours and unique patterns. No two are exactly the same making each piece you own special to you. And they are usually more affordable so you can invest in more pieces adding a fun variety to your jewellery collection. I believe as women we have many roles to play and really need that variety to allow us to play around with different styles and outfits. Which is so much more fun!

By wearing semi precious stones in our jewellery it brings us closer to nature. I also like to think it reminds us of our own unique and natural beauty. They also have the ability to keep us grounded, makes sense right, as they come from the earth! In case you are interested here are just some of the healing properties of each stone I’ve used in my pieces. Each stone can have many healing properties but I've listed the ones that stand out to me the most. 

Amazonite Jewellery

Amazonite: Courage and truth

If you need help to connect with others, this gemstone helps you find your inner truth so you come from an inspired and lit up place. It gives you the confidence to express your feelings without fear of judgment. 

Banded Agate Jewellery

Banded Agate: Grounding and Centering

If you need help to organise your life and bring clarity to what is important and how to prioritise them then this is the gemstone for you. 

Lapis Lazuli Jewellery

Lapis Lazuli: Wisdom

If you need help with enhancing your intellectual ability, improving your understanding and desire for knowledge then this is the gemstone for you. It is excellent for enhancing memory and aids the process of learning.

Magnesite Jewellery

Magnesite: Relaxing and Calming

This gemstone is often used in meditation as it helps to create positivity, calms your emotions & brings unconscious thoughts & feelings to the surface. 

Malachite Jewellery

Malachite: Transformation

If you’re looking help to make changes in your life or find new experiences then this gemstone is for you. Whatever it might be this stone will help you manifest, find balance and abundance in what you are looking for. 

Pink Opal Jewellery

Pink Opal: A stone for the heart

If you are looking for a way to sooth your emotions and calm your heart then pink opal is for you. Pink Opal brings peace and release to your heart, allowing you to discharge past trauma, tension and stress. 

Obsidian Jewellery


Snowflake Obsidian: Purity and Clarity

If you need some positive vibes, this gemstone can help. Being a stone of purity, obsidian clears your body, heart, mind, and spirit of toxins to allow the free flow of positive energies.

You can click on the gemstones above to see the jewellery pieces I've designed using them.