How did I get here?! Sometimes I want to pinch myself that I have actually started a business on my own! It was only in July last year I was feeling unconfident and overwhelmed with getting started. I got talking to my sister in law who is my cheerleader and has her own successful business. I have a passion, a vision and the more I spoke with her the more I realized that I was meant to do this. You'll never know everything, if you did you’d never get started! It’s all about learning as you go, making mistakes as you go and picking yourself up. It’s definitely not easy doing it all yourself and you need to make sure you get help when you need it! And having a husband who helps and supports you doesn’t hurt!

After giving up my career and following my husband around the world a bit over 9 years ago, I decided to focus on something for me again. Not that I’m complaining. It’s been amazing! I’ve gotten to explore the world and meet some amazing people on the way. I must admit in the first 6 months it was hard to stay positive as I missed my family and friend’s but in the end I met people and adjusted. Each move got easier as I knew what to expect and I can’t imagine anything different. I’ve loved being able to explore different cultures, landscapes & architecture.

I’ve also got two beautiful children and been able to be a stay at home Mum for 4 years now! Not many people have that luxury and I could do it for longer. But although I love my kids more than I could have ever imagined, for me personally, I needed to follow my work dream also. The timing was right and it has made me a better parent and partner.

I actually started thinking about jewellery design when we lived in London in 2010. And did a short silversmith course. After London we moved to Manila where we had our first child. When he was 8 months old I ended up doing a part-time jewellery design course at a jewellery school and loved it! It was intense, I would stay up late finishing my designs but boy it gave me a good feeling. I’d not felt like that in ages, besides my addiction to Yoga, my other passion. So there Anthea Cooper was born. Well the idea was!

I always had a passion for drawing, taking up art and graphics in high school. I wanted to be a graphic designer or interior designer. I never followed my dream until now. I focused on our 2nd child while also developing my designs. I have to say living in Hong Kong has helped my dream come true. It took me 2.5 years of living here but I finally launched Anthea Cooper. It’s been a struggle setting it all up with a few hiccups but that’s what running a business can be. I've still got a lot to do and learn. But I will keep developing and growing. Most of all, I'm doing it! So, if you’re thinking of making a change or doing something different I hope I have inspired you. Go for it!