Be Inspired, Be confident, Be your natural self.

You get inspired by your travels and other strong women, you want to see more, meet new people and keep growing. When you’re not out socializing you appreciate nature, your family and your time. As you’ve gotten older you’re more comfortable in your own skin, you focus on both your mind and body, understanding more about yourself and what makes you shine from the inside out.

“Anthea Cooper jewellery is designed for you, the confident woman who appreciate’s travel and nature,  making the most of everything life has to offer. My inspiration comes from nature and my Indian background which you will find is the essence of all my pieces. When you wear my pieces it will be a reminder of the natural beauty around us and what you have within you.”

Jewellery is a great way to show people what you are about; it makes an outfit so much more personal. I grew up with my Mum always wearing and sharing her treasured pieces with me. I wanted to create something that other people could treasure too. Anthea Cooper was created not only for my love of jewellery but other inspiring women following their passions; I decided to follow mine! I hope I can inspire you to follow yours. 

Please check out my first range to the public and most likely my signature style, Floral Escape.

About the brand

Established in Hong Kong, Anthea officially launched the brand in 2018. Anthea Cooper’s mission is to inspire women to have a passion and to have fun with what they do and wear. To design timeless pieces that are trendy and fashionable. When you wear a piece of Anthea Cooper it will remind you of the natural beauty around you and what you have within you.

Each piece is beautifully and uniquely designed with quality in mind. Anthea use's sterling silver, rose gold, gold, semi precious & reconstructed stones. Her pieces are inspired by nature and architecture from around the world. In particular she wants to stay true to her Indian heritage, but with a modern twist. You will be able to see this in her signature style and first range, Floral Escape.

Anthea Cooper Self Portrait.jpeg

About Anthea Cooper

Born in Dubai to Anglo Indian parents and migrating to Australia in 1985, her true home, Anthea has always enjoyed being creative. As a child she was into all forms of arts and crafts and nature. One piece that comes to mind was when she made her own flower pressing kit using wood and bits and pieces lying around in her Dad’s tool shed. In high school her favorite subjects were art and graphic design. At university she used her creative streak to study advertising where she eventually majored in marketing. She worked in various roles in marketing, brand management and events.

It wasn’t until she travelled and lived around the world with her partner she realised her true passion was design. After having their first child she studied jewellery design at Gemlab, Philippines, a jewelry and gemology training center. She has been designing jewellery ever since. She took a short break after having her second child then spent 2017 designing and working on setting up her business. It was during this time she designed her signature range, Floral Escape. In 2018 she was ready to launch!

Product Line Sheet Australia  

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